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Main & Maxwell gallery featuring face jug pottery throughout August

August 15, 2018

Lakeland’s Connector – Submitted

Main & Maxwell in Greenwood announced that the gallery’s feature exhibit for the month of August is FOLK FACES – A Collection of Southern Tradition. The exhibit featuring the work of local potters Paula Bowers and Bob Taft of Edgefield, Levi Wright of Columbia, and Michael Johansen of Ninety Six, will also include an estate sale from the face jug collections of Pam Hunley and Laura Bachinski of Greenwood that will feature pieces for sale by Marvin Bailey, Huey Wheeler, Terry and Crystal King, Stanley and Bobby Ferguson and others. The exhibit and estate sale runs through Friday, August 31. A reception will be hosted on Friday, August 27 at the gallery from 5:30 – 7:30 PM with a participating Artist Talk at 6:30 PM.

A face jug is typically a thrown ceramic jug that depicts a grotesque or scary face. There are examples of this form in the pottery of Ancient Greece and Pre-Columbia America. German stoneware jugs, referred to as Bartmann jugs and the later British Toby Jugs are also popular forms that were mass produced. Today, especially in The Carolinas and Georgia, craft potters make face jugs continuing in the African slave folk art tradition. The African slave tradition of face jugs describes them as functional pieces that served practical purposes like holding and pouring liquid. In folklore accounts it is thought that the jugs were more spiritual in nature being used to ward off bad spirits or used to mark graves by being placed on the top of a burial mound surrounded by the departed possessions. Beginning in the 1880’s snakes and devils were added to jugs that were made to hold liquor. These “ugly pots” or face jugs were used to hold the spirits and the ugly face designs were added to keep young children away from the contents.

Face jugs are collected by many people because of the history and the whimsical decorative arts used in creating them. For more information about the exhibit and estate sale please contact Main & Maxwell at 210 Main Street in Greenwood, South Carolina at 864-223-6229 or at For more information about Main & Maxwell visit our website

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