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Partnership Alliance joining forces to grow Genetic Center’s campus

October 8, 2017

The Index Journal, Adam Benson

Students from Augusta, Georgia learn about genetics during an April field trip at the Greenwood Genetic Center in this Index-Journal file photo. Ariel Gilreath

As Greenwood County officials prepare to convert a north-end parcel into a multi-million dollar business park, one of the region’s top research institutions is hoping to add a similar function to its campus.

The Greenwood Genetic Center is finalizing a memorandum of understanding with the Greenwood Partnership Alliance, using its recruitment and marketing experience to build out its 170-acre southside campus on the heels of a recently completed strategic plan.

“The concept is to build off our strengths and start attracting additional partners,” Genetic Center Director Steve Skinner said. “We realize we don’t have the expertise to develop property or a park, but the Partnership Alliance does.”

The efforts got a boost in February when Clemson University opened a 17,000-square-foot Center for Human Genetics.

Greenwood Partnership Alliance CEO Heather Simmons Jones said last week that fostering growth on the Genetic Center’s campus is a top priority for her organization over the next year.

“When we finished the strategic plan last year, it became even more obvious that the success and future of the research park depended largely on the Genetic Center and the Partnership working closely together,” she said. “With the assistance of the GGC on the technical side, we believe that we can take the campus to the next level and provide high-paying opportunities to the residents of our community.”

The plan, conducted by Louisville, Kentucky-based Point A Consulting, imagines a campus that integrates residential and commercial units with biotech and other advanced science companies that complement the Genetic Center’s mission.

“The campus will become the location of choice for companies and organizations seeking a quality-of-life environment focused on promoting connections and collaboration. To accomplish this, the new land plan provides an intentional framework for transforming GGC’s consolidated properties into a dynamic, harmonious environment — one that serves as both an anchor of Greenwood’s emerging Medical Innovation District, and also a vital, connected hub within the broader Greenwood community,” a draft version of the plan states.

The document lays out a broad vision for the Genetic Center’s future land use plans.

“Everyone in Greenwood has a stake in the success of GGC and its Partnership Campus. In turn, the Campus will be developed in ways that leverage and complement its surrounding medical and healthcare partners, and ultimately the health and wellness of Greenwood, of South Carolina, and of the world,” it said.

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