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The Greenwood Promise set to launch for Class of 2017

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Greenwood Partnership Alliance

Greenwood County High School graduates starting with the Class of 2017 will be eligible for The Greenwood Promise. Phase I Promise dollars will begin for qualifying students that enroll in an associate’s degree, during the fall semester of 2017. Public and private high school and accredited homeschool graduates are all eligible to apply.

“While we considered launching for the Class of 2016, waiting one more year allows us to get the critical infrastructure in place to ensure a seamless and organized program kick-off,” said Ron Millender, Steering Committee Chairman. “This initiative has the potential to positively impact not only deserving and motivated students, but area employers with an educated and skilled workforce that is critical in today’s economy.”

“As educators we can now walk into our kindergarten classes and tell every child that they can go to college,” said Dr. Darrell Johnson, Greenwood School District 50 Superintendent. “This initiative will provide hope, inspiration and motivation for students of all ages and will transform the educational culture in this community.”

The Greenwood Promise is last dollar, and will pay the difference in tuition expenses after other scholarships, grants and awards have been applied. The award amount is also place-based, using a sliding scale of years of residence in Greenwood County. Students that move into one of the three school districts after their 9th grade year are not eligible for Promise dollars.

“The Greenwood Promise is more than another scholarship program – it is the catalyst that will begin to change the culture of education in our community,” said Jim Pfeiffer, Campaign Chair and Self Regional Healthcare President/CEO. “Conversations among educational partners are already taking place as we continue to work towards a successful launch for the Class of 2017.”

To date champions of The Greenwood Promise have pledged $3,902,666 in the ongoing campaign, including an anonymous donation of $1 million. A goal of $5 million has been established for Phase I of the program, with plans to expand the program to provide funding for the last 2 years of a bachelor’s degree, as the endowment grows.

Greenwood School District 51 Superintendent Dr. Fay Sprouse said, “This is one of the most exciting announcements we have ever had in our community! The Greenwood Promise will provide hope for many students who don’t believe higher education is an option for them. Pursuing education after graduation will open new doors of opportunity and transform lives.”

Other recent updates include the purchase of eScholarship – a comprehensive software package that will be utilized to determine a student’s eligibility and track their educational progress. In addition, The Greenwood Promise website is currently under development and slated to launch first quarter of 2016.

Interested parties can learn more about The Greenwood Promise by contacting Karen Long at (864) 388-1250 or e-mailing

About The Greenwood Promise

The Greenwood Promise is set up as a Limited Liability Corporation (L.L.C.) with an allied 501 (c) (3) foundation focused on improving the workforce and the quality of life of the Greenwood community. Specifically, The Greenwood Promise is an educational initiative aimed at increasing the economic growth of Greenwood County by promoting postsecondary education and thereby ensuring a skilled and educated workforce. This initiative enables Greenwood County to be a viable competitor in both industry and community attractiveness by promising all eligible Greenwood County high school graduates tuition assistance. The program supports an Associate’s Degree and hopes to provide the opportunity for advancement to a four-year degree for those with the academic ability to succeed. For more information about The Greenwood promise, please call (864)388-1250 or

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